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Cleaning / Maintenance

A New York based educational institution looked to NFS this year to restore the look of their furniture. The client had 100 club chairs that had endured years of substantial abuse at the hands of students and their various writing instruments.

Rather than incur the expense of replacing the chairs which were in otherwise good condition, the client asked NFS to professionally clean the material.

To accommodate the schedule of the client, NFS worked during a student break to assure there was no disruption to the students and staff of the school.

Using their proprietary deep-cleaning techniques, NFS was able to bring the club chairs back to nearly-new condition effectively erasing years of wear and tear.

Did You Know?

We’ll work around or opposite your company’s schedule to minimize downtime for your staff. We’ll work nights, weekends, whatever it takes to get your project completed with minimal disruption to your business.

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