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Office Furniture Installation

A regional government facility enlisted the help of NFS for the installation of 150 workstations. To accomplish this NFS had to utilize the four different types of furniture systems the client already had in place to create the workspaces in a new configuration. There was no access to new parts and a tight timeframe for completion.

This took considerable foresight and planning on the part of NFS team. They tackled the daunting task first by creating a dedicated staff of experts to plan and execute the project.

The team evaluated the inventory of parts and pieces at their disposal, the physical space available for the workstations, and the needs of the end users.

NFS’ experts carefully designed a layout that made the best use of the materials within the constraints of the building. To implement the plan, NFS hired additional staff. The crew worked overtime to complete the installation of the new workstations on time and using only the resources they’d been given by the client.

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All of our employees are sufficiently covered with a Worker’s Compensation Plan.

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