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Office Relocation

When faced with the task of moving your company, whether down a few floors or across town, it can seem very daunting. That’s where NFS comes in. We are skilled in successfully moving companies of all sizes to a new facility. We do this with careful planning based on experience and through professional execution by our team of move management experts.

Your business comes first: We get that. That’s why we will custom design your move strategy to save you the most time and money. We can work in phases, during normal business hours, overnights, or on weekends to accommodate your staff and clients. We’ll consult with you to schedule an efficient move that minimizes downtime and maximizes productivity for your business.

We will be onsite during the entire move to manage the process from disassembling the current location to reassembly in the new space of all cubicles, desk, floor-to-ceiling, and filing systems. You can be assured we’ll coordinate every step and be there for trouble-shooting when your staff arrives back at their stations.

Let NFS use our careful planning and oversight to make your next move a well-executed one, allowing you to focus on what’s most important.

Did You Know?

We are based in Albany, NY and typically serve clients throughout our state as well as into CT, MA, NJ, VT and NH. Please call us to discuss your project and location as we do make exceptions.

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